You have never raced like this before.

Create, Race and Have Fun. Geo Race is a one of kind app that allows you to create races, treasure hunts, quizzes, riddles, check in circuits, geo caches, training circuits and moreā€¦ For you, your friends or for the public to enjoy. All within this free app.

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Way ahead of it's time

Since we launched version 1 we added new functionalities that you can take advantage of next time you create a race. The check in feature. Can turn your ordinary treasure hunt into a mind crunching challenge.

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Race, Create and have fun.


With your friends or against the clock
Choose from the regular of premium races
Best Race my kids and I ever played.


Create a race for your friends using 1 of the 4 question types
Check in, multiple choice, missing letter, true or false
I created a race for my employees at an employee picnic. It was a hit.


Use the check in feature in a checkpoint race
Or better yet force the user to check in before he answers a question.
My kids love the check in feature. They are too young to read but they love c/in.


Stay tuned for more updates and functionalities
Send us comments on what you would like to see added.
New feature coming soon. Add an image to your checkpoints!!!


This racing platform is a social racing platform.
We need your input and comments to better our product.
We added this race to our family farm. Its a hit for everyone that comes over.

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Cache: Geo cache - something hidden that you find (missing letter questions are best used for this)

Multi cache: something hidden that you find that leads you to the next cache (missing letter and check ins are good for this)

Mixed race: a race filled with check ins and checkpoints and trivia and or caches...

Checkpoint Race: Race that leads you through a series of checkpoints to complete a circuit. (check in questions are good for this)

Educational: This race type would be chosen if questions would be related to learning and be informational in nature. A park with historical information. Statues with dates times...

Work out circuit: would be a check in race with work out routines ie: do 50 pushups and run to the next checkpoint

Pub Crawl: A race designed to bring you to many pubs such as to create a pub crawl.